Everything you need to start CDing

So my best friend, after months and months of me trying to convince her to cloth diaper, has decided she might want to give ita try 🙂 She has a little girl 3 months younger than my little man, so we were pregnant together. She wanted to know about how many diapers you would need to get started, so I told her I would compose this list for her.

To get started, I would recommend about 14-18 diapers. You will be doing laundry about every other day with this many. I have about 24 diapers and I do laundry about every 3 days. You probably wouldnt want to go longer than that or the diapers start to get stinky and can mildew. Although, I have sometimes went 4-5 days and have not had this problem

I buy all my cloth diapers at Kelly’s Closet. They always run great promotions and have excellent cusstomer service. In fact, you can find a testimonial I wrote for them on their page. I have been so impressed with their service. Thus far, I have received 5 free diapers from them and have earned a $25 gift card. You accumulate points with every purchase that you can redeem for gift certificates. Great deal, huh?? Right now they have a coupon for a free diaper (of atleast a $22 value) with any $59 purchase. And their shipping is always free with a $49 purchase. So, if you wanted to purchase a stash of diapers, you could split your order into two separate ones and earn 2 free diapers…. The coupon code is FREEDIPE and you can use it up to 2 times!

There are MANY different types of diapers to choose from. We like the bumgenius 4.0’s. They are pocket diapers that are adjustable in size, so they will fit your baby until they are potty trained. I, personally, would recommend the snap closure over the velcro, because the velcro will have to be replaced over time and it tends to stick to other things in the dryer.

Other than the actual diapers, you need a few other things…

  • A regular trash can with lid (See [previous post for picture)
  • A diaper pail liner (As I have metioned before, we use Wahmies brand)
  • Cloth friendly detergent (See diaper jungle’s detergent chart ) We use Rockin Green
  • Wool dryer balls (These are optional, but make your diapers dry faster, We use buddha bunz)
  • Wet bag or 2. These are great for the diaper bag. They are little waterproof bags with a zipper, used to store wet/dirty diapers when you arent around your diaper pail. We have 2 Wahmies brand bags. A Medium one that goes in the diaper bag, and an all day bag that we keep in the nursery.
  • 12-16 cloth wipes. You can buy these or make your own really easily. (Or you can purchase some from my etsy store 🙂 I also like Thirsties wipes. My husband wanted to stick to the disposable wipes for the longest time, but if you cloth diaper and use disposable wipes, you not only have to have a diaper pail by your changing table, but a trash can as well. And you end up washing a few and having to pick them off of your diapers. Much easier to just use cloth. All you do is wet them with a spray bottle of water or wipe solution (more on this later)
  • A spray bottle for your wipe solution
  • Wipe solution drops …Used to make your own wipe solution, not neccessary but helpful. We like Baby Bum drops. But you can also use plain water or make your own solution with essential oils. I will post some recipes for this later.
  • A travel wipe case (You can get these for like $2 at walmart. or you can purchase a covered one from me in my Etsy shop) This is used to carry pre moistened wipes for on the go.
  • A cloth diaper friendly diaper rash cream. Although babies who are cloth diapered dont usually get diaper rash, sometimes they will get a little chaffing. And you absolutely cannot use desitin or any other zinc based rash cream with cloth diapers. They will cause your diapers to repel. We like Grandma Els (which you can get at Babies R us)  and Cj’s butter.

And thats it! It may seem like a lot, but you probably already have most of these things around your house. The biggest investment is the diapers. But it is SO worth it! and if you decide for some reason that you dont like them, you can always resell them on Ebay. Used diapers go for almost as much as new ones 🙂


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  1. Racheal replied:

    I use 100% all natural shea butter for rashes at my house. This shouldn’t cause me any problems with my fuzzibunz, should it?

    • modernclothmama replied:

      Shea butter is CD friendly! That’s actually what the CJs butter stick that we use is made from.

  2. Laura G replied:

    Did you really mean only 6-8 wipes? Total? If you’re only using wipes on poopy diapers you might be able to get away with that, but I’d think you’d want at least as many wipes as diapers. And having more is really nice – rationing when you’re dealing with a mess isn’t pleasant. Besides, once you start using them, you’ll probably find them handy for other things too – like runny little noses!

    • modernclothmama replied:

      To start with, I only had 6-8 and used them only on poo diapers. I agree, though. Now we have close to 20. If I need to use a wipe on a pee diaper, I only useD part of it and I reuse it. And I have the large wipes so I have only ever needed one for a poo diaper. My guy only goes #2 once a day, but I guess most babies go more than that.So maybe close to 12!? Do u think that’s a more reasonable amount?

      • Laura G replied:

        When we first started cloth, we were transitioning from disposables. I was trying to keep all of our diaper purchases within our current diaper budget ($60 a month). We had 12 prefolds and 6 covers (Gdiaper cover sale – I wouldn’t buy these covers again though.) We used huggies at night, disposable wipes, ziplock bags instead of wetbags in the diaper bag, and a regular trashcan liner in the diaper pail. I washed each day. Every month, I’d add things on. Better covers, a few All In Ones for town, wet bags, a diaper sprayer, (eventually a better diaper system!)etc. It took me six months to finally make some wipes (yes, there are cheaper, faster options, but I love the ones I made!) We had 12 to start with, but by that time I was only washing every other day, so we often needed to use back up disposable wipes (the last wipes I bought was a costco case – I don’t know that we’ll ever finish that thing). I use a wipe at every change, and I don’t reuse before washing, so we need more wipes. I think we have about 20 now which works works great for our toddler. I’m going to want a lot more before our newborn arrives though.

        I love the 4.0s too. (And I want more!) But, if you’re really wanting bare minimum, I’d look at Econobums, Flips, or the classic prefold and cover. (Prefolds can be folded in thirds and put straight into the cover – no pins or snappis!) These are going to be cheaper options to get a person started. I wouldn’t skimp on the detergent either though. Having a washing system that works great from the beginning would be wonderful!

      • modernclothmama replied:

        We bought a case of babvyganics wipes at BRU about a month ago and we havent touched them…Once my husband saw how much we were really spending on wipes (the organic ones are about $15 a box), he started using the cloth more often.
        I started out buying just my dipes early in my pregnancy, then added things here and there until I had what I needed. I have never tried the prefolds. I figured I was having a hard enough time getting my husband to use the pockets, that prefolds would be out of the question.
        What detergent do you use? Do you have any tricks for ammonia? I have tried RNG Funk rock but I just wasnt impressed.

      • modernclothmama replied:

        Oh and I edited the amount of wipes in the post… You prob do need more than that. We still had dispoabale wipes on hand at the point that I bought my cloth wipes, and my husband was using disposables, and we used them on the go…so I guess thats why I didnt need as many at first 🙂

      • Laura G replied:

        We use Rockin’ Green. Since we have soft water, we luckily don’t have many issues. Our biggest issue was getting all the soap out! (We started with Planet, Rockin’ Green has solved this issue.) As for ammonia, I haven’t come up with a great solution yet. We use a small bit of bleach as needed which is only once every couple of months. I’ve never tried Funk Rock, but am curious about it. Those toddler diapers smell in the morning no matter what I do!

      • modernclothmama replied:

        We tried the funk rock, but it didnt work for us. And I even used it twice. My little man had such a nasty rash from ammonia this weekend, I decided to try something new and it actually worked! We added Calgon for our hard water (Which you wouldnt need) and used a teaspoon of plain blue Dawn dish detergent and a 1/2 cup of bleach. I had to do it twice because I had such nasty buildup, but it worked like a charm. Even my overnights are stink free! I actually moved my blog over to blogspot, so check it out at modernclothmama.blogspot.com.

  3. Leigh replied:

    Great overview. We like having at least one and a half times as many wipes as diapers, so more 30 to start with. They are so great for other things too that we have built quite the stash.

    • modernclothmama replied:

      I agree. We have built quite the stash too… But my list was meant as a bare minimum list for some friends who might have smaller budgets. I should hav said atleast 10-12 though. I will edit 🙂 thanks for the comment!

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